On the BoLS forums situation.

As of a few days ago, the Bell of Lost Souls forum began a clampdown on threads about overtly political topics. This was in response to a number of incidents involving name calling, ad hominem arguments… The usual background radiation of the internet.

 As a consequence of this, I will no longer be publishing my blog on their forums. There are three reasons for this.

 The first is that, quite simply, I feel the moderators have decided to punish the wrong people. I agree completely that name-calling and flame insults are unacceptable, I truly do. However, I do not for a second believe the bans are being handed out fairly or appropriately. I am saying no more than this, as I feel my decision to leave speaks most loudly about my feelings on this.

 The second is that my blogs, by their very nature, tend towards the political. I can’t help it, and moreover, I’m not interested in helping it. If art and writing aren’t about the things that genuinely matter to the artist or writer in question, then what is the use of them? There’s no point me posting anything there that will simply be locked down or see me banned. Again, I will be making no further comment than this.

Finally, and most significantly, over the last couple of years, BoLS has just become a place I don’t want to spend my time. Whilst BigRed (the owner) has been personally very supportive, with many kind words over the years, with many of my friends now receiving bans – bans they did not deserve – I see no reason for me to frequent the place any more.

 This is a shame. For a good few years, BoLS forums was my first port of call after a hard day at work. Still, c’est la guerre.

 This situation will not affect my blog – I will still be aiming to run a thinkpiece every month, first Sunday of the month as always. My traffic will suffer horribly, I imagine. Still, if ends up being me writing just for myself, well, that’s how it began, so I’m okay with that.

 It’s also worth noting that I intend to shake things up somewhat. Whilst retaining a 40K focus,  the content will now be able to evolve to include other of my personal interests. I hope that if you have enjoyed my writing, you will continue to come here.

 If you’re one of the people from BoLS forum who is a fan of my writing, or one of the people I regard as friends there, then please feel free to contact me through my Facebook page, either via message, or by commenting. You can also reach me here.

 Finally, if you’re one of the people who quietly read my blog, liked something I wrote, then left without saying a word, you’re very welcome. It would’ve been nice to hear more from you.

It still would.


9 thoughts on “On the BoLS forums situation.

  1. I’m a quiet reader 😉 Keep up the good work. I think my favourite post of yours was where you explained why I’ve never felt interested in Mantic’s miniatures.

    I’ve never read or participated in BoLS forums so… Somehow I’ve managed to find plenty of outlets for my gaming enthusiasm over the years without joining that site.


  2. Another quiet reader. Never participated in the BoLS forums, but found your log through their site, which I regard as the Reddit of Warhammer sites: An unmoderated (and un-checked) aggregation of Warhammer related trivia. A useful place to see what’s new, but not a place to take too serious.

    In other words, quite unlike your articles. I’ll keep checking this bookmark a few times a month, don’t worry.


  3. Situations like this, and the kind of people they enabled, are the reason I left the game altogether. Along with a number of other “top-tier” minis games, all of whose communities seemed to attract harassers like flypaper.

    If every 40k hobbyist were as kind and thoughtful as you, I wouldn’t have left.

    Endless: Fantasy Tactics has some astounding resin minis, by the way. Ever wanted to paint a skeletal rider mounted on a giant black kiwi?


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