a qlippothic engine: alpha sequence is out NOW.

Derevnya BoLS banner 2

If you’re a follower of this blog, then you’ll no doubt have seen the header. Well, my debut novel is out now, and I’d like to invite readers of the site to enjoy a free copy.

Starting from Monday the 6th of February 2017 and lasting until Friday the 10th, the first volume of a qlippothic engine will be free to download to all. A genre-busting story of horror, science fiction and ontological mystery, Alpha Sequence: DEREVNYA is the beginning of a three part narrative that will take readers on a very strange journey indeed. One where death itself need be no impediment to further suffering.

To read the opening chapters, readers can click here and follow this link to enjoy the preview of the first two chapters of Alpha Sequence: DEREVNYA I posted back in January, but why bother with that when the whole book can be yours for absolutely nothing? Just follow these links: America readers should click here while British readers should click this link instead.

Like this? Want to know more? If so, then as well as following this blog, you should like my Facebook page where I’ll be publishing details of the follow-up, Beta Sequence: OSTROV, currently slated for release in April this year.


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