Hello all. As those of you following the competition will no doubt be aware, my Deathwatch Army Giveaway Competition finished last week, with the winner due to be announced today.

However, I have received communication from several people asking for an extension, as they haven’t quite finished either my novel or their entry for the competition.

Ordinarily, I would say no; however, seeing as there were only two entrants, Brian-Z and B.J.Scharp (both of whose entries were superlative, and thank you so much for your kind words, by the way) for the sake of allowing people extra time, I will be extending my competition for one month.




The prize is a full beginner’s Deathwatch army: two Deathwatch veterans squads; two Venerable Dreadnoughts (one with Multi-Melta and DCCW, the other with Plasma Cannon and Missile Launcher); a Deathwatch Librarian; a Deathwatch Techmarine with C-Beam on a bike (no longer game legal, true, but still awesome); three Deathwatch Bikers; and a Vindicare Assassin. All the models are fully painted, based, and converted, and will be sent to the skilled (not lucky) winner.



Your task: write a review of my book and post it to my book’s page on Amazon. The person who writes the ‘best’ review wins. It’s that simple

The link to my book is here.

The new closing date will be the 1st of October 2017, with the winner announced on the 8th. Good luck to those of you with entries on the verge of submission! Messers Brian-Z and B.J.Scharp have set the bar extraordinarily high.